Home network SSID is the same for 5G and 2.4G

Hell of an idea. That may work. I’ll let you know. Sure would be nice if they just made cameras to use any available network… Wouldn’t it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for the idea.

Its an idea that I have used many times over the years. I’ve even helped family members replicated their network under mine with a spare old router so I could find them a solution, or add an IoT item to my fake network then send the product to them. Let’s not forget, 2.4’s diameter or range is considerably more greater than 5 Ghz. Yes, 5 GHz is faster, but with limited range, this forum would be littered with complaints “I bought the wrong frequency camera, how can I get a 2.4 GHz camera because its too far from my router.” We’ve even expanded our home network’s 2.4 GHz diameter with mesh router systems, and often that still not wide/large enough. When family need convincing they are better off with a mesh, vice a single router, I try to have them visualize the Olympic rings and how the overlay into the other’s diameter as an example of what each node does - well 2 or 3 of the 5 rings.

I really don’t need a password if I live in the woods in a log cabin away from people.

While you may not think you need a password on your network, it’s really not such a big deal, and apparently Wyze cams can’t connect to an open network (I never tried).

Here’s why it’s not such a big problem: it doesn’t have to be a complicated password, it just needs 8 characters. “Greg’s Network” could have the password "aaaaaaaa`` and work just fine. The few times you’d ever have to input it would be a simple thing to do, and if things work better encrypted with a password, so be it.


I think it comes down to a matter of choice. Personally, I lock my car when it is in a secure garage. It’s not such a big deal either way.

I realize this topic already has a solution, but I’m gonna toss another suggestion into the mix for future reference.

During the setup of some (non-Wyze) IoT products, I’ve run into an issue where the “smart” product’s app wants my phone to be on a 2.4 GHz network in order to connect the new 2.4-GHz-only product. When the app and product have that expectation but my phone wants to be on the 5 GHz network (with the same SSID and password), I’ve…

  1. Logged into the WAP/router,
  2. Turned off the 5 GHz radio,
  3. Ensured that my phone connected to the WAP on the 2.4 GHz network (the only one currently active),
  4. Resumed or restarted setup of the new device and continued that until complete,
  5. Turned the 5 GHz radio back on.

Essentially I’m just doing what others have suggested and isolating the available options to only my 2.4 GHz network so that the available smart things—chiefly the phone I’m using for device setup—are forced to use the 2.4 GHz option, but I didn’t see this method suggested previously :point_up:.

Again, I haven’t really had to do this with Wyze products, but I don’t think I know anyone who’s 100% Wyze ecosystem with their smart things, and some apps are explicit about requiring the phone to be on the 2.4 GHz network, so I’m just sharing what’s worked for me in those situations.

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Unfortunately, I have looked and see no way to turn off just the 5G on my router.

Yeah, I understand that different hardware is going to have different configuration options, and the method I used is unlikely to work for everyone. I was just chippin’ in another 2¢ in case someone with a similar problem stumbles into this topic.

I’m glad you already found a solution!

These are tricks to solve the problem at hand. Thank you for adding to the possible solutions. I wish someone with permissions could bunch all the varied solutions into a new thread that jumps out or is a sticky and “in the way” all the time. I think about all the times someone searches and searches and still does not find a like thread to find these different ideas. And then I remember, that’s not the purpose of this forum. Being informal its a good idea for people to invest a little time looking for answers, because surely they will learn something while looking they will remember some other time.

I created a Wyze folder. Then I saved Word documents with each name of something I didn’t know. For instance, My WiFi doc in my Wyze folder on my desktop, now has your idea as another trick. So, while it would be nice to have a centeral indexed (so-to-speak) thread about WiFi, I can do that myself, so I can find it again, later.

Thanks for your post.


I believe you. It more and more common for these manufacturers to try to fool proof IoT device for the “I ain’t no computer person” personalities. And in doing so, they also take away our ability to solve our own problem that they helped create.

While I am boring you, I also want to add another one of my tricks. I save an old pay-as-you-go, burner Android phone that I can fall back to. I seldom update it. Its only on my WiFi, does not have cell service. It a good idea to pick one of these up cheaply on Prime Day or eBay. And besides, EVEN those old phones that do not have cell service 9!! still works. Fed mandated many years ago, even a phone with no service, 9-1-1 works. Great to have an emergency phone.

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