Home Monitoring Setup won't respond

Trying to set up home monitoring. I have previously set it up but apparently the app lost its mind, yet again. I would like to not have to delete the HUB and re-install it because it trigger me to have to re-add all of the devices like door monitors and keypads…quite a bit of work. When I click on the MONITORING tab at the bottom of the app it prompts me to set up home monitoring but will not respond to my clicking Start Setup. It just stares at me.

I am sorry to hear your HMS won’t set up. I have the HMS so I know how frustrating it is when it is down.

Unfortunately…the most previous Firmware update seems to have created more serious problems than it fixed. It is still an ongoing bug.

My suggestion… Read the posts in the Forum topics below then post your problem on the FIx-it Friday topic linked below. You will see my last post there. Be sure to submit the log for the hub if you can access it so the devs can investigate.

Hope we get a fix soon!


I went back and reread your post. This may also be an issue with the bad app update that was pushed. What version of the app?

Also, is the home monitoring service showing in your subscriptions on the account services tab?


My Hub is on and the Wyze app is on 2.28.2 (a24). When I click on the MONITORING tab at the bottom of the app it prompts me to set up home monitoring but will not respond to my clicking Start Setup. It just stares at me.

Interesting. The most current version is, so I am assuming is a typo because that would put it at over a year old, but that update doesn’t exist in the update logs https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172-Release-Notes-Firmware. And… the current version definitely still has bugs yet to be eradicated. The forum topics provided will give you some background on that.

The app version is the iOS update, which I don’t think had the problems or the hotfix after the update on the 7th. But, I am an androidiot…so I cant speak to that. You need help from someone with iOS expertise.

Posting this problem in detail, with the firmware and app versions, and the log numbers submitted from the app, on the two forum topics I mentioned above will probably get you the quickest response from those in the forum who know more about iOS issues. These two topics are heavily read and watched by the @Beta , @Mavens, & @Mods who are deep in the weeds sorting out issues. You can also find Wyze Team Members to reach out to. If you type their handle into your post, they will get the nudge to read your post.

Hope you find a solution soon!


Just found this:

I would reply to @8db8880d on that topic and see if there have been any developments.

@SlabSlayer gave some awesome advice in the above posts. While I am also not an iOS user, I believe this is an issue with the hub firmware. Others have reported issues with setting up the hub. I would read through the posts linked to above.

People are reporting that this latest firmware is a little buggy and sometimes needs time to cool down and work properly. It is very frustrating.

If needed, feel free to contact support and they will make sure you are taken care of one way or another and should have the latest information on what to try with the hub and monitoring service.


(206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.
4 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4 pm PT Saturday


Thanks for the tag @SlabSlayer

I sadly I am not the maven to help out on this particular cause as I’m not very familiar with iOS but I agree with @carverofchoice you gave very solid advice as to how to submit logs and who to look for. I’m going to keep an eye on this topic for good reference though as there are others that are undoubtedly going to look at this and be able to help out and post good information



As the others have already said, @SlabSlayer has provided sound advice.

I test releases on both iOS and Android. I do remember having some issues with the previous release of the App for iOS, but I also have issues with the latest FW update for HMS, I posted it in the Fix-it-Fridays post.

Since the update the other day, the fix for tablets, Wyze pushed out the Release Candidate to Beta Testers. I tested my HMS using this app and don’t have issues with it loading. Still have the other issues of not being able to set the Tunes or adding additional Sensors, but that may be FW related. You can always do a test to see if the Beta / RC fixes your issues. It is actually easier to do this via iOS because the App Store will always provide the production release. If you want to test, you would select the app from Test Flight. To sign-up, go here and follow the steps for iOS: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze Labs, Inc.

If you want to go back to the Prod app, simply remove the app itself and then install the Wyze app from Apple Store.

Another option to try is to do the following:

  • Go to Account>App Settings and clear cache
  • Back out to the Account Menu and the Log Out of the App. (Make sure you know your password
  • restart your device
  • Once the Device has restarted log back into the app and see if that makes any difference.

Note: Your Camera Thumbnails will be gone until your live stream them again.

If you want to go a step further, you could soft reset the hub:

But note: With the latest FW, you will see and may experience some weirdness for up to 24 hours or so. Rules may not work, HMS will keep cycling, but eventually it will steady itself and things will start working. But, this could be concerning to some. :slight_smile: