Home Monitoring "I'm Home" won't set or stay (Bad Dog!)

I do not have the physical keypad for the Home Monitoring system. I’ve been using the app only. Since I work from home most days I’d like the monitoring to stay on “I’m Home” First of all, every time I press the “I’m Home” button, it spins and spins and will finally give me the error “Mode switch failure” every time. I have to arm the system with the “Away” button first and then switch over to “I’m Home”, then it seems to work. Secondly, I assumed it would stay in whatever mode I left it in until I switch modes or press “Disarmed”. It doesn’t! If I check it a day or 2 later it shows “Disarmed”. I’ve looked for settings I may have inadvertently set for a timer or on/off time but haven’t found anything. Is this how it’s supposed to work??