Home Monitoring Doorbell and Auxillary Alarm Horn?

Will there be a doorbell function with the Home Monitoring system? Or an auxillary alarm horn?

I am referring to an audible bell when a door or window sensor is opened. Not associated with the Wyze Doorbell itself.

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There’s a siren built into the V2 sensor and HMS base. You can program that to turn on when motion is detected and if a door or window is opened. If you referring to a chime feature, I don’t believe that’s available. That would be a great #wishlist item!

How loud is the siren? Does this go off if the house was set to away mode and a doorway opens? Will there be a separate alarm that can be placed in a hard to reach area, similar to SimpliSafe?

They have an extra 105db siren that can be placed up high with a ladder, so a would-be intruder would have a hard time smashing it.