Home Monitoring Alarm Trigger

Previously I had ADT and certain sensors (generally entrance doors) would have a delay from triggering the alarm allowing you to put in the code to disarm. Other sensors like windows, would immediately trigger an alarm.

The Wyze Monitoring seems to not have a similar setting and all sensors are in the delay. If you have a 30 second exit/entrance delay on arm/disarm, then it keeps that setting for all sensors. If a window is opened in the middle of the night, the there would be a 30 second delay.

Am I missing something? Is there a way around this delay?

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My old system allowed me to arm the system in instant mode, with no delay. We use this at night. During normal alarm mode, only a single door, in my case, had a delay. Wyze has indicated during a Reddit AMA that they intend to implement more features to the system.