Home Assistant Integration

I still don’t really understand how tinycam has camera integration but nobody else does, is that a partnership with wyze or did tinycam cobble together access from an unpublished API? If they can do it there really isn’t any reason it shouldn’t be possible with home assistant considering it’s extensibility. Wyze really needs to publish an API; I’m not super interested in swapping in the RTSP firmware because I hear it’s pretty limited but I will probably try it if nothing else works


Now with the plug coming out I see this as more important than ever. I just won’t buy the plug if I can’t integrate it with HA and IFTTT is not an acceptable solution since the plug is not as much of a disruptive product as the others. There are just too many plugs out there at a similar price with HA integration. I’d be happy to be brand loyal to Wyze and buy into the whole product lines but this integration is important for that.


If you don’t know what home assistant is, it is open source IFTTT on steroids and it let’s you create custom interfaces, and let’s you connect to things like Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. community.home-assistant.io for examples, everyone there wants this.


I don’t currently don’t have a WYZE cam, but after the last couple of weeks’ announcements I decided to setup an account here so I can vote on this feature, as it is currently the only thing that is stopping me from upgrading my 8 cam setup.

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Hello everyone!

If an exclusive Home Assistant integration might be too much to develop, maybe a MQTT integration with a broader DIY home automation system support. It can send alerts, images and many other information.


@antoniosch…psssssst…over here -----> Support for MQTT :wink:


Hahahah sorry! I have not searched for this here :slight_smile:

Good one! Let’s hope this comes true.

Have great day!

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Would love this also



Thanks a lot for posting this. I had seen that thread in it’s early stages, and thought that I had checked back on it recently, but clearly did not. I implemented the custom integration and it’s light years better than using the IFTTT webhooks.

It would still be great for Wyze to release their own integration so that their entire product line can be easily added to HA while also maintaining usage in their app and cloud if needed. Other issues would be addressed as well such as being able to use multiple bridges extending the reach of the sensors, integrating the motion sensing of the cameras themselves, etc.

Anyway, I really do appreciate you pointing this out on this forum as it is a great solution in the interim.

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When I saw this I went and purchased the starter kit. Please Wyze make this an official integration!

Amazing work! Wyse sense are not on my list for now since HA and Xiaomi sensors are already installed and working, so the camera sending information to my system would be the way to go, in my case. Thanks!!

I think these types of integrations (be it HA, SmartThings, etc.) are becoming especially prudent considering all of the home automation devices now being sold by Wyze. The native options for creating a “smart home” are severely lacking, but should a way to fully integrate into other automation solutions be made, the possibilities are endless and you open the door for a ton of potential new users/sales.

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Couldn’t agree more!

MQTT is a great protocol with authentication, SSL and push information. I don’t think this is too demanding for the hardware to publish those messages and not very complex to implement a GUI for enabling and changing those settings inside the Wyze APP.

I think this could be a great start point for integrating Wyze solution to many Smart Home systems available nowadays. Also, if the user has to enable and set an authentication method to use it, security would not be a issue.


@concord704 which Wyze camera are you running?

I don’t have 80 (http) available. Any suggestions?.
I’m running the RTSP Wyze Cam firmware.

Nmap scan report for unknown2CAA8E2454A0 (
Host is up (0.0079s latency).
Not shown: 999 closed ports
554/tcp open rtsp

Does someone hear news on this request ?

If the status changes from “maybe-later” to “researching”, then that means Wyze is looking into it. :slight_smile:


That’s good news !!! A lot of people will use this integration I am sure

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Hope I don’t have to go with a different brand to get HA integration.

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Yes waiting for the home assistant integration too

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