HMS Keypad chimes?

I am a new user. My Home Sense keypad does not chime during alarm arming and disarming. It does, however, “speak” the arming and disarming verbiage, so it seems that the speaker in the unit is functional.

The hub chimes as expected but it’s on a different floor, so not really audible from the entry door.

I have experimented with different “Entry” & “Exit” delay settings in the app with no change. This is a basic alarm function. Is not supported or am I doing something wrong?

Help is appreciated. Thanks…

The keypad doesn’t do any sound during the countdown. Only the hub…

Thanks for quick response!

Seems like they missed the boat on this feature. Hopefully, it will get implemented as it’s a basic principle for point of use devices.

I can’t help but to ask why would one implement the local voice feedback but not the countdown feature?? It makes me think that the design team never owned an alarm system.

Has anyone figured out a work around for this? Maybe Alexa?

Alexa app won’t do anything. Countdown is local to the hub only.