HMS Battery BackUp?

As I was researching setup Utube videos, for my Wyze, Home Monitoring system.

One reviewer mentioned a, “Battery Back up” that last 9 hrs.

  1. Is there a battery back-up ?
  2. Does it last 9 hrs ?
  3. If so, how does that work ? (Router or Cellphone Wi-Fi connections ?)


The hub has an 18650 battery that supposedly lasts 10 hours. The battery allows the system to work locally in case of a power outage. Locally means hub is still connected to sensors/keypad and can activate the siren, but that’s about it. I haven’t tested my system to this scenario yet, but probably will this weekend. During a power outage, if your Internet connection/router is out, you’ll have no connection between the Wyze app and hub. And the hub won’t be able to alert Noonlight without Internet. The hub has no cellular backup.



Thx again !

If the power went out (thinking out loud) for any length of time ?
How about just switching HMS (hub & devices), to an unlimited cellular network plan ?

I live btwn 2 fire stations & 2 hospitals in a 1 mile radius.

Conditions would have to be extremely bad, in order to lose power for even 1-2 hrs or more.

Just a thought .

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