HMS Allow User To Choose Custom Countdown Sound for Exit/Entry Delay

Wyze Home Security Sucks!

First I LOVE Wyze security cameras and have several but is it just me or has Wyze just been sucking wind lately. First, my fan keeps being detected as a “person”??? The v2 motion sensor will trigger if someone farts even on the lowest setting. The arming and disarming are downright annoying… Why have an annoying chime that people are going to ignore? Seriously, you don’t have to be an engineer to realize how stupid that is! Would it be too much effort to have a pleasant voice say “you have 60 seconds till the system is armed” 30 seconds… 10 seconds… system is armed… Then when the alarm gets tripped say “please disarm your system” and “you have x seconds before the alarm will sound”.

Sorry for the RANT but I LOVE Wyze products and it seems lately that Wyze is so focused on pumping out [Mod Edit] that they forget about innovation and usability! :slight_smile:

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