High Alert for flashlight detection

Going through videos of my parent’s house burglary, i noticed the use of a flashlight during the night incident.

Usage of a flashlight in the dark when there is power being supplied to the camera should be a big red flag.

The flashlight flare when pointed directly at the camera and its movements should be an ‘easy’ thing for wyze to detect and identify, so a high alert message/call should be sent out.

Flashlight detection should also warrant a longer uploaded clip than the current 12 seconds with the 5min interval suspended for the duration a flashlight is detected.

Interesting idea – if they are “AI” detecting golf carts and specific models of bicycle (I’m lying) then why not this.

However the 12 second thing and the 5 minute wait go away if you pay them for CamPlus. The base deal is not going to change (upward anyway). I don’t understand why you think the flashlight video should get exceptional treatment.

Because apparently he is under the impression that the only time a flashlight would be used other than a power outage is during the commission of a burglary - which is certainly not the case.
Besides, a good portion of my cameras and my WiFi have backup power.


I agree that there might be times when a flashlight being used is not only during a burglary, but what I am trying to convey is that during a burglary, the probability that a flashlight being used is much higher.

I’m sure some of us have heard the stories of suspicious neighbors / police patrols seeing tell-tale signs of flashlights from windows and catching the burglars. In fact the more experienced burglars would make it a point not to shine flashlights out of windows because they know if attracts unwanted attention.

Regarding backup power, i would assume that black-outs don’t really occur very often. So even if a black out does occur and the cameras are under power and a flashlight is detected, the number of times it occurs would not put alot of strain on the servers of wyze if a longer clip was uploaded and higher alert sent out.

Right now, wyze is saving alot of clips that i hardly look at and are basically useless, But when a burglary occurs, and they steal my wyze cameras so i have no local recordings of the incident, the clips saved to the cloud are limited to 12 secs at 5 minute interval.

I understand that there is a cost to uploading and storing the clips (and also Cam plus). So what I am suggesting instead is to record ‘high probability’ burglary situations, and if flashlights are detected, it should warrant exceptional treatment as the probability of a burglary happening is much higher.

Dude, CamPlus is like 4 bucks. Sounds as if you need it. I like your idea to include flashlight detection but there is zero merit to your argument that it should be free while other detections are not. And sorry your family was violated.

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When I brought this up in my own thread on the topic, I was thinking it would be with CamPlus and not free, there is no real reason to make light detection free while others are not.

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Did you have any person detections on these clips?