Help with Caseta light switch

Can I use the Wyze contact sensor through IFTTT to turn on my Caseta light switch to the garage on?

As long as Caseta also uses IFTTT then yes it would work, just set up the WYZE contact sensor as the IF part and the Caseta switch to the THEN part.

Thanks. I would assume I will still have to have a wyze camera in range for the bridge portion of the connection correct? I am looking to put a sensor on the garage door so when it opens it will trigger my Caseta light switch that turns on the main garage lights (the garage door opener lights are to dim even with brighter bulbs).

Yes you would still need a camera with bridge in range of the contact sensor, I have one on my garage door and have it connected to a hub about 50 feet away. However how far away you can get from the bridge will depend on a few factors like walls and construction of said walls. I am going to end up putting a camera in my garage and I will put a bridge in it to control my sensors that are in the garage.

Thanks for the feedback!

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