Help- missing cloud

What would make some cloud footage not store to the could, when I click the “event” it says 1 32 sec… long but there is a “?” And says not stored to cloud, check Wi-Fi. With no playback/play option. Just an image of the moment but lists like it was recorded? While events before (2 seconds) and after (4seconds) are playable/viewable and did store to cloud. Then a few more in a row we’re not “uploaded to cloud”. All day this didn’t happen and the rest of the night this didn’t happen… BUT right when/where I need the security footage it’s suddenly “gone” didn’t save to cloud. I don’t have my account shared with anyone… and have two factor authentication. Is there away someone could have tampered?

This happens when there was an error during the upload process. The server knows an event exists and has a thumbnail, but doesn’t have enough of the video to play it back.

If this happens frequently you could try moving the camera closer to wifi, power cycling it, or upgrading your WiFi.

Wyze is working on changes to make the upload process more reliable, but that update is not available yet

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You might consider using an SD card. I have SD cards in all my v3 cameras set to Continuous Recording. If I do get an Event that did not upload correctly, I can always go to the SD card to view what I need.