Help! I have a security breach question about the ability of a family member to view camera footage if they share a WiFi password

I have looked everywhere for this answer but have found nothing clear. Please help.
I got a V3 to protect the belongings in my bedroom from a family member. My camera currently is using both WiFi and a micro sd card.
The family member shares the same WiFi password.
Can this person access my camera and/or recordings just knowing the WiFi password or do they also need my account password? I have it double encrypted if that helps.
If so, what can I do? Should I turn off the WiFi recording and only do locally to the card? Would that even work? I would hate to do this, but I really just need to know if someone having WiFi access alone is all they would need.
I contacted Wyze more than a month ago and have not heard back. This is a critical security issue and I have been looking everywhere but cannot find a clear answer. Can anyone help?

Hello @californiagirlj3 and welcome to the forms.

Sharing a Wifi password has no effect on your cameras. They are not able to access your recordings on the network as it is encrypted. They would only be able to if they have access to your phone and/or your account or they have their own account and you share the camera with them. They could physically access the camera and take the SD card out and view the footage if that is a concern.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, RareApple is right. Physical security of the SD card is the weakest link. But, if you have CamPlus or CamPlus Lite w\ 12s vid, you will have video in the cloud of them stealing the cam and\or card.

Another option, to up the security for piece of mind, would be to create a guest network on the WiFi router for people to login and use for browsing. Different network name, different password. Then change the password to the base network your cams are on so only you can log into that network.


In addition to what was recommended, if you have the v2 Sense Hub (no Subscription needed, but you would need to get the starter kit) you could put a contact sensor on your door or motion sensor in the room. Then when that is triggered, you could get a notification that someone entered your room and also trigger the camera to record as well.


All the advice above is correct. In addition to the SD card, you will want to make sure you are getting “cloud” recordings in case the SD card gets removed. These are the clips on the Events tab in the app. You need either CamPlus Lite (free or donation) or CamPlus to make sure you keep getting videos to the cloud.

Of course the offender could always just yank the camera or turn or block it. I hope your situation improves.