Hello Wyze; please fix connection problems with hard-wired video doorbell

In the meantime while we wait for a fix, here is the workaround that I found and let Wyze know about:
When your LIVE feed gets to “Step3: Getting video data” and gets stuck, press the gear to go to ‘settings’, select ‘Advanced Settings’, select Night Vision ‘On’ and then ‘Off’, then press the ‘<’ key to go back to LIVE feed and it will connect.
It took me a long time to find this workaround. I expect that it will work for everyone having this issue since it seems to unstick it by going thru night vision mode. Sorry, but if you use Night Vision, you will have to turn it back on. But, at least it is a reliable way to temporarily conquer this bug.
Your welcome. I hope it works for you too.

Same here. I’ve been a loyal Wyze customer for many years so am extremely unhappy with the lack of response on the VD issues.

I have 2 of them installed for almost 6 months now and they are totally useless to me.

If I have notifications turned on I get a rash of alerts every time a branch moves but no notification if a person arrives . Zones do not work, person detection does not work, and even if I did get notified, by the time I can see the live feed the person would have left.

If Wyze isn’t embarrassed by this terrible product they certainly should be.

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I’m personally not sure it’s software. I’ve had THREE Wyze Video Doorbells. The first bought in early 2021, right on the release…

It lasted three weeks.

The replacement Wyze sent worked for about a year, then stopped connecting to WiFi. It would still power on, still connect to the chime, but no video.

They sent a THIRD doorbell that worked for the last couple of months, but now seems to be dead. Like I can’t even get it to power on and stay on.

I begin to suspect: this is just kind of bad hardware. :frowning: Like others, I own a lot of Wyze products, most work well. The Doorbell is a pain.

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We got back from doing groceries today and both of our doorbells are offline and will not reconnect.

I echo the frustration that everyone has with the video doorbell. I have intermittent connection problems where it retries the connection multiple times and then fails. This has been going on since I installed it. Some days it works fine and other days it won’t connect at all. My latest problem is with the detection zone. I get notifications many times each day that it has detected a vehicle. However, the detection zone is set to only monitor the steps at my front door. There is no way a vehicle could be in the detection zone.

Hey, Wyze is currently trying to fix the detection zone issue. Can you elaborate a bit more and submit a log for the doorbell in the devices settings > Wyze support > submit a log. Please post the log number in this linked thread:

The detection issue seems to have resolved itself. No more false alerts for vehicles. The detection zone seems to be functioning correctly. If you did something to correct it, thanks.

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I’ve encountered same connection issues and the only way to configure the router and set up the firewall correctly would be to obtain and set port forwarding on router.

What are the ports used by the door bell cam?

I’ve sent the logs but doubt that anyone analysed the logs without me having to call in and tell a person what the logs are for and that takes 1.5 hours based on my previous and only time I’ve contacted support.

With all the issues listed here being true, in comparison to my previous vivint cam experience, I absolutely appreciate the wyze cam trying it’s best and sufficiently alerting me of activities.

Port forwarding is not needed for this device, and won’t do anything.

You have to post the log number here or in a fix it Friday thread. Wyze doesn’t look at them unless asked to.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @d8f93d74b9295392448f.

Have you reviewed all the topics related to the problems that many users have experienced on the Video Doorbell V1 and some of the workarounds they have found useful? There are documented connectivity issues related to recent Firmware updates. Your issues are most likely similar to those in other posts.

@SunSparc has put a reading list together and you will find useful links to other topics and posts within each of those listed.

I recieved a firmware update yesterday It finally solved the stuck on 3of3 loading issue. Now I have to decide if I want to try cam plus again and see if the videos load or I get the same 09 error code.

I have also been running the Beta only FW .314 with success.

Still waiting for the Beta Announcement Thread to appear so we can start posting feedback.

Be sure to thoroughly test this version and put the screws to it to make sure it will hold up. The Detection Zone and AI accuracy were the two other areas that were reported to have been major issues in the last version.

Once the new Beta thread is announced, we can report findings there.

I’m just happy that it loads. I still get an error 09 and can’t play video however.

I assume you are talking about playing the Event Videos?

I just played all of mine from yesterday and all load and play without issue, both full length AI tagged video and motion only video.

Are you on CamPlus w\ full length AI or no subscription w\ 12s video & 5m cooldown?

I cancelled my cam plus. I just was to frustrated with this doorbell. It refuses to play clips, has for months. My other wyze cams have issues displaying on my fire tv after another update some time ago, they are older than the doorbell. After this doorbell fiasco I won’t buy any wyze products in the future. I deregistered as a beta tester. To many issues in the last year or so and wyze is very slow to correct.

For those having problems still, Wyze just released a firmware update that is supposed to help:


This absolutely solved everything for me. Not sure why it took MONTHS, but I’m grateful nonetheless. I have no issues since I installed the beta firmware version