Heat/Cold Comes On At Same Time In Auto Mode

I have set up my thermostat exactly as instructed in the direction. In doing so, I find that both the heat and air come on at the same time when in the “auto” mode. I want to sue the auto mode but with the heat AND air coming on at the same time I can’t. The heat and air come on correctly when in their own mode (heat for heat, cool for cool). Additionally, the fan won’t come on when I select “fan on” mode. Any help would be appreciated.

Show your new wyze wiring and old thermostat wiring. You’ve likely got a heat pump system with the Y wire hooked up wrong, or a splice in your thermostat wiring that goes to the compressor instead of there being a direct line between the C adapter and the thermostat.

This is how my old one was wired. The new one is wired as directed WITHOUT a heat pump. Our system does not have a heat pump.

Did your old thermostat use batteries?
If not, your wyze themostat might be defective. Did you use the C adapter?
Do you have a picture of the furnace side of these wires?

Yes, the old thermostat (honeywell) had batteries.

I’ll have to go back and read the Wyze info. I don’t remember anything about a C adapter

Will have to go a retake furnace pics again.

Here is the connections for my Wyze thermostat.

Do you have a picture of the other side of these wires in your furnace?

I’ll try to jump up in the attic today. Thanks

I know this probably isn’t what you want to see but it’s the only wires I can find on the unit in the attic. Can you provide some guidance on where else to look?

I can’t find any wires resembling what is connected to the thermostat

where do these wires go? image

Are you referring the the black/white that goes into the connector or all of them in the bundle?

All of them in the bundle. The black/white just goes to the HSI, but that bundle goes to the control board, which is where I’d expect to see the thermostat wiring. You need to open the part of the furnace that contains the blower fan, probably. This is the combustion section of the furnace, not the blower section.

Okay. Will try to get back up there today. Thanks for your assistance.


Okay!!! I FINALLY found the wires. They were back behind a sub-panel. Here they are.

Why is the W wire wrapped in electrical tape?

No idea. Nothing was ever said to me about it

When you say the heat and air are coming on at the same time, how are you determining this? Is the outdoor unit running when the heat is on, or is it just blowing lukewarm air? Other than that electrical tape wrapped around the W wire I don’t see anything that jumps out immediately with the wiring - The G wire appears to be hooked up correctly, but you might want to make sure that all the pins on the back of the wyze are straight, it kind of looks like your G pin might be bending and not going into the hole from the marred plastic on the backer plate.

I can hear it come on. Also, the temp coming out of the registers was 76. Once I turned it from auto to cool (in the app) the air coming from the registers went down to 56 (or something like that). It was MUCH colder than when I had it set to auto.

What was the temperature range set to, and what was the actual house temp? 76 degree air coming from the vents sounds like the fan was running, not like heat and cool were both running. There is a minimum fan time per hour setting that will run just the blower fan, could this be what you thought was heating and cooling?