Heat/Cold Comes On At Same Time In Auto Mode

What was the temperature range set to?: I don’t remember but I’m assuming a temperature low enough to make the A/C come on since I was troubleshooting at that time.

What was the actual house temp?: I don’t remember. My guess would be 75-76. I’m also assuming I brought the temp on the thermostat down to 68 in order for the A/C to turn on.

There is a minimum fan time per hour setting that will run just the blower fan, could this be what you thought was heating and cooling?; I would say most likely not (with 99% ceratintanty).

It seems extremely unlikely that both A/C and heat were running at the same time. If it happens again, check the outdoor unit to make sure that it is actually running. You might have a load control causing a delay in compressor startup, while the indoor blower fan starts running immediately.

I’ll run a test later today and check the outside unit when the blower kicks on.

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My wyze thermostat is putting the heat and a.c. on when in heat mode exactly like this one.
A.c. works on its own if you just go to a.c. but both come on if you go to heat mode.
I disconnexted my outdoor unit by pulling the outside fuse until there are real solutions on here.
I had to follow a YouTube video to get the thermostat to work in the beginning by moving the Green wire to another terminal which cuts off the ability to turn the fan off and on.

Do you have a heat pump? because the behavior you are describing is normal for a heat pump…

Show your thermostat wiring and your furnace wiring

I had this exact issue when i installed mine. I created a “ticket” in this forum that should still be in here somewhere. Search for it because i forgot what i did to fix it. I do not have a heat pump.

I have the exact same problem with my wise smart thermostat and I am an electronics technician with over 50 years experience. It is very definitely the case that it is turning on both my heating coils and my AC compressor at the same time. I haven’t gone back and messed with it for over a year and 1/2 because I got frustrated LOL. I suspect the absolute morons that installed the new system have something strange in their wiring on the control board I’ll get back and look at it one of these days soon.

Show the wiring at the thermostat… if you don’t have a heat pump, you shouldn’t have an o/b wire, and if you do have a heat pump, there is an option in the advanced settings to “swap heat and cool” which fixes this behavior.