Headphones: Battery level announcement when turning on

It would be nice to have the headphones add a battery level announcement when they turn on. I can be as simple as “Battery High”, “Battery Medium”, “Battery Low”. I have a set of headphones that do this and it’s very nice when I turn them on to have a general idea of battery life.

This would be nice, especially if selectable in the app (I.e. power level at start yes/no)


I just found out that double pressing the power button while ON tells you the battery level percentage!


That’s handy! I don’t think I ever would have found that.

No kidding!? That’s great. Will try!

Yup! So much easier than opening the app on the phone to check. I don’t think that was anywhere in the instructions?

No it’s not in the instructions, Found it by mistake and is incredibly useful, better than just when turning on in my opinion.

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So glad I saw your comment. I had posted a wishlist thingy to add the headphones battery level to the Band just before I saw your tip, which makes that wishlist request a moot point. Might still be cool as a band feature, but the double click is still much easier, and I agree better than just when turning on.

It would be awesome if Wyze would add an audio announcement at Power-On that gives the status of the battery. Have the voice say “Power On”, “Battery Level ##%”, “Connected”… I know the battery lasts a long time (Very Happy with this), but It would be nice to know how much of a charge there is before you start your day, or your Zoom meeting, or your airline flight, or (you get the idea).

Double press the power button while ON and you’ll get the battery percentage.