Headphone status light

It would be great to be able to shut off the blue status light on the headphones. Laying down in a dark room that little light is very bright. I use tape now but a more permanent option in the app would make sense.


I second that request - when wearing the headphones in bed I have to wear them backwards so that the light is on the left side and doesn’t disturb my wife

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Upvote this all day. I love the headphones. Pricing point is perfect (we bought two pairs) and the fatigue on my ears is not as bad as other but man that dang blue light is blinding. I’m a tall guy and when people look up at me at night, I blind them while wearing the headphones. I also use electrical tape to mask the blue night at this point.

At this stage I’ve resorted to using 2 ‘black out dot stickers’ - one wasn’t enough - that’s slightly more aesthetically pleasing than electrical tape, but whatever works :slight_smile: