Has anyone used Tinycampro to create a cam mosaic on your tv?

Has anyone used Tinycampro to create a cam mosaic on your tv? I see it’s available on Amazon for my FireTV…

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How is that different from TinyCam’s regular 4/8 up modes? Does it come on like a screensaver? Rotate?

It looks like it’s like a streaming app for FireTV, which you probably know is built on Android. I assume it’s an app you would select to stream just like any other, so not as a screen saver. I might get a small cheap tv and use an older Fire Stick and just dedicate it to that use - once I get migrated to all Wyze and off battery. Amazon.com

tinyCam will scroll through your camera’s at a set schedule or display several at once on the screen. Anything beyond 4 gets a bit flakey.

You don’t need a TV. Find a used computer monitor with HDMI. Get one with built in speakers if you want audio.

I was questioning the term “cam mosaic” if it were something new. I’ve had TinyCam Pro running on Fire sticks on my TVs for a long time. It works great. If you have an Android TV and don’t mind allowing it to reach the Internet (which I recommend against) you don’t even need the stick.

I’m glad to hear from someone who has the app. I wouldn’t open a tv to Internet, unless I didn’t care that it went kaput. I’ve used the term ‘mosaic’ because it’s the first word that came to mind to describe what I was looking for.

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I use it every day on an Android TV box connected to a 27" monitor.

Works great with three different brand cameras to watch my yard while working in the basement.

It’s also running the web server so I can view my cameras from any web browser.


So many cool things I’m learning in this Wyze community.

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