Hack for getting garage door controller to work on commercial door

Problem: I have what is considered a commercial garage door opener on my 30x50 pole barn. The door lift is approximately 12’ above ground and probably 20’ from the door which is outside the recommended range. I tried moving the QR code sticker, adjusting night vision, and retraining the QR recognition. I could get it to work but the red rectangle would flash around the QR code and would often stop finding the QR sticker.

Solution: Take a picture of the QR sticker and print it out in portrait mode to fit 1 x 2 (two sheets of standard paper). This made the QR code about 50% larger than the original. I trimmed the two sheets and taped them together on the backside. Then attach that to the door with masking tape.

Wyze app now shows that it steadily recognizes the QR code. Below is a picture with the original QR sticker and the larger one I printed out above it. I will remove the original QR sticker but left it on to see the relative size of the new QR I printed.

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I also enlarged my QR code so I could put my camera farther back. I did this same thing.

I am considering making the QR code take up 4 pages so I can put my Camera against the back wall.

I went to the FedEx Store and enlarged it to be as high as one of the Garage door panels. Once I did that, it worked like a champ

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