Gun Safe MAC address

Where do I find the MAC address for my Wyze Gun Safe? I can’t seem to find it in any of the settings.

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Gun Safe is not an IOT device, hence no MAC and no WiFi connectivity. Communication is only between Safe and Wyze app (phone/tablet) via Bluetooth.


Oh, thought I read somewhere that it did Wifi.

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Would you know why the app shows my just fully charged batteries are only at 85%?

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Are you using rechargeable batteries? Or generic batteries?

In some devices, the battery percentage seems to be based on something like a Duracell or Energizer Lithium battery standard. So when you use something lesser like rechargeable batteries using NiCd, NiMH or Lithium ion, it’s sometimes possible that the battery power amount will not go at the same rate or show at full power where a higher quality Lithium battery would.

I said fully charged batteries, so yes they are rechargeable batteries. Maybe I need to start using standard lithium Ion batteries, if I want to see a more accurate battery level, just hate one time use batteries that end up in land fills. Or maybe I should just get in the habit of checking them monthly.

I use rechargeable batteries in almost everything too, and I have found that it is quite often in lots of devices that they will either not show as Full battery or will update differently. I still use them, but you just have to keep in mind that they are starting with a much, much lower charge capacity, so they will often not show as having a full charge in comparison to regular lithium.

For example, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery can hold 3,500mAh in it, while rechargeable AA batteries are usually one third of that, though some can get up to 2,900mAh. That’s still starting at 82.86% lower than it’s Lithium counterpart. Pretty close to around where your rechargeable battery says it is starting.

I’m guessing it’s just that you’re using a lower-capacity battery in this case. It’s not too uncommon to see this. And in my opinion, rechargeable batteries are still better overall since they can often last over 100 times longer than disposable batteries if used correctly, making them much more cost-effective. The main consideration is whether you’re willing to have to replace (recharge) them more often than the higher-capacity alternatives.

In the case of something like a contact sensor, then I’m okay with the rechargeable batteries because they still last forever with the charge. For the door locks I sometimes use Duracell batteries just so it will last longer with a strong charge.

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Standard rechargeable AA batteries are 1.2V vs non-rechargeable 1.5V. Gun Safe takes 4 AAs so the voltage difference even at full recharge is significant. If you want to use rechargeable AAs, you’ll either have to recharge 1.2V AAs more often or use costly 1.5V rechargeable AAs. I chose the latter for the same reason… I hate 1 time use products, especially batteries and I don’t like having to recharge 1.2V batteries so often to compensate for lack of app’s ability to adjust battery level reading to battery type.

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I already knew that rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage than non-rechargeables and that they won’t last as long between charges. That’s why I try to buy the highest mAh rated ones I can find that’s at a reasonable price. Right now it seems to be Amazon Basics.

I have tried the Energizer Lithium Ion AA batteries but found they often went dead quickly for some reason. But the only reason I had used then was because when drained down there was no leaking, which has ruined many of my devices battery compartment contact points.

Thanks for all the information though. I’m looking forward to battery technology to take a huge leap forward, thanks to all the EV vehicles.

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