Grouping of doorbells

Why can’t I group my three video-doorbells like I can m6 outdoor cameras?

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Here is a few comments about that from a past fix it Friday thread.


Understand not being able to group with cameras, but why can’t you group doorbells together; like you do cameras now?


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would suspect it is because the aspect ratio of the video frame returned by the doorbells is quite different than that of the other cams.

The standard grouping video frame ‘tiles’ are sized to fit the video feed aspect ratio for the other cams. It is not sized to accommodate the longer and more narrow doorbell video formats.

Viewing the video feed is just one aspect of it, but Wyze device groups are actually “functional” groups.

Once it can be developed that a functional group of doorbells, or doorbells with other devices can be created and work then it will be released.