Grinding/scraping sound from my WCO

Whether in Live or viewing recordings, I hear a grinding/scraping sound from my outdoor cam. The video (and audio) itself is fine, but the grinding sound seems like a mechanical problem. Anyone else?


There is a solenoid behind the lens which moves the IR filter into place. It may be partially stuck? :man_shrugging:

Try turning Night Vision Mode on/off. If the filter were half way closed you’d have a purple hue on the video.
Maybe a bug (living type) got inside. :bug:

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lol Thanks. I’ll try cycling the Night Vision and see what happens. :wink:

EDIT: no luck, this is what it sounds like, whether IR is on or not

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I have the same issue with my unit. From day zero.
Sounds like some type of electrical interference.


Didn’t get the sound on that post, nice bird though. Could be bad component. Open a Support Ticket.
Live support is available: +1-206-339-9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT | Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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