Two days old WCOGT having black screen in the dark/night

Hello floks - I recently unpacked, updated fw, and setup a brand new WCOGT.

Everything worked perfectly for 48 hours. Tonight, suddenly I’m seeing a black screen now that the daylight is gone - while the 5 IR are lit, Rechecked all settings, restarted the cam a few times, turned off and kept it off for an hour - turned it back on, still black even though all 5 IR are on.

Otherwise the camera is fully functioning, only when I shine a flashlight at the subject.

Please help.

Log ID 984197

Can you check if night vision is enabled in the cams settings > advanced settings. Try setting it to ON and AUTO

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Thank you for your suggestion. That was one of the very first option I looked at. I did try toggling all 3 back and forth, the screen remained constantly black while the date and timestamp watermark remaining in sync.

It sounds to me like the IR filter is not closing over the lens and it is trying to operate in IR mode without the filter. When you make the switch from IR Off to IR On, do you hear a mechanical click inside the cam. Do you get a clear color night vision when the Night Vision is off? Is there anything on the face of the cam like a protective film slip that might be blocking the IR light?

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Thank you for your input.
The camera has been set up, and attached, and was fully operational as expected (throughout the day and night) for 2 days.
This issue occurred on the third day without any changes, physically and on the app options - because there was no need to.

As for the clicking sound, I wasn’t aware that there were any mechanical components in it. Thanks to you, now I know because you asked me to take listen. I will do that tomorrow during daylight and will let you know if I can hear the clicking sound or not while I turn On and Off the IR. I get zero lumens at night, When I turn off night vision in darkness, the screen is greenish, showing very, very, very little of the subject matter - when the night vision is turned On, the screen is black since the surrounding is extremely dark.

I do have 4 other Wyze cams (several models) running simultaneously without exhibiting any issue with night vision in darkness.

All protective films were removed at the time of the initial setup, night vision worked exceptionally well for two days and two nights.

Additional note: This cam is attached above a WCOG, both aiming in the same direction, monitoring the same subject. Shouldn’t the IR that’s being emitted via the OG be enough to at least help light up the screen view so that the OGT lens sees something besides a black screen?

I was wondering, what does the toggle [Night Vision IR Lights] do other than turning Off and On the IR LEDs on the camera itself (I mean any fully operational Wyze cam)? The subject is lit in NV just the same, as long as the NV option is turned On or on Auto in the dark.

I finally realized… of course it’s an important option and it must be turned On in NV or else the screen would be dark. The reason why I couldn’t tell the difference when I was toggling the Night Light option of the WCOG On and Off was because the IR of the WCOGT was toggled ON. Even though the NV stopped working on it (because of something entire different), it’s still emitting IR. And since they’re mounted on top of each other, also aiming exactly at the same subject, turning On and Off the WCOG bellow it, the difference was so miniscule, one cannot tell. Therefore, as far as the WCOG in NV mode at night, it still could see clearly in NV even with its own IR light toggled Off - as long as the defective WCOGT above it, the IR Light was toggled On.

*** I still haven’t heard back from Wyze regarding the original issue that I stated in the title field. It seems my camera is the only one that’s can no longer see in the dark (while its own + the WCOG IR LEDs are all lit) after only been used hardly for 48 hours.

Unfortunate I can’t tell for sure if I can hear the internal clicking as I toggle On and Off the NV.

The “Night Vision IR Lights” toggle is to choose if you want the 4 IR Emitter LEDs to come on when the IR Night Vision Mode comes on. Since some users want IR Night Vision, but not the IR LEDs, it allows for use at night behind glass. I have one cam I do this with. I have IR Blasters outside.

The toggle you want to use when listening is the On\Off beside the Auto.

I tested both my OG cams. I was about 4 feet away and could hear the IR filter click over the lens. And I am half deaf in one ear and half blind in the other. :crazy_face:

If you are getting good black and white night Vision in IR Mode On \ Auto but crap color vision w\ it off, the IR Filter is definately stuck closed over the lens and is not letting visible light in. Quite effectively doing its job too. You might be able to jostle it loose with a gentle tap on the side when it is unplugged. If not, don’t waste the time. Warranty Replacement thru Customer Support


Thank you for sharing your insight. A section of your comment was :rofl::rofl::rofl:

In that event you are absolutely right, as you said, the IR filter must be suck if I cannot hear an audible clicking sound as I toggle NV On and Off.

During daylight, when NV surely isn’t needed, when toggling NV On and Off, would the IR filter still move or it’s overriding via an ambient sensor during daylights?

Yes. The only setting that depends on the light levels is Auto.

If you press the On, it will force the filter to engage, turn the IR LEDs on, and go to black and white regardless of the light levels. Off will reverse all those. If you have the LED Lights toggle enabled, you should see these come on at the same time you hear the “On” click and off when you hear the “Off” click. They are both executed by the cam simultaniously although may be a second or two behind the app press command. With the LED Lights toggle disabled, all you will still hear is the click. The click is the mechanical movement of the filter.

If you have another cam that is working, you should be able to hear the click.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out - you’ve been a great help. I sent my log to Wyze support 2 days ago, but so far they have not got back to me with any kind of resolution. Am I the only one with that particular NV issue? Can’t be!

This weekend I will definitely use the information you’ve been sharing with me and will try again to listen for any mechanical audible clicks on all the cameras that I have been using that never gave me any NV issues (out of two dozen Wyze cams, difference models, this was my first), following your instruction exactly. I will also unpack another set of brand-new WCOG and WCOGT to try them out. I’ll further update this thread as soon as I know more by Monday.

Thanks again.

No. There have been others that occasionally have a IR filter sticking. Most of the time a power cycle corrects it. It hasn’t been specific to any one cam. Happening on a new cam suggests there may be a defect issue. I would just contact Customer Support and request a Warranty Replacement to be safe.

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Thank you again @SlabSlayer for your input.
Although I did power cycle this camera several times simply by disconnecting the power cable (110V) plug from the wall for 10 minutes, yet I did not get a chance to reach out to the camera to try again if I could hear the clicking sound as you mentioned. On March 27, that was 10 days ago, I also submitted the log and reached out to Wyze Warranty / Technical Support Team, sadly no hint of any resolution or RMA. I’m not exactly impressed with regard to their turnaround time to get back to me with any sort of constructive update.

It has been some time since I have read some positive feedback. You certainly have had more patience with them than I would have had.

My suggestion would be to chat online or call them, provide your previous ticket number, inform them that the issue remains unresolved without any response, inform them the IR filter is defective and ask for a warranty replacement shipment confirmation during that session.

If that doesn’t get results, post your CS ticket number back at me and I will run it up the flag pole thru the Bat :bat: Signal Channel.

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Can you post a screenshot of what your view looks like all darked out? How about what the camera view looks like when you’re shining a flashlight at the camera? Any more visual aids that you could provide so you can see firsthand what’s happening? Even a picture of what the camera is looking at during the day so we can see the distance of things and what you’re actually looking at would help also, thanks!

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I hope the following screenshots could help:.

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Thanks for your support.

I’ll give their chat support a shot tomorrow noon. Strangely enough they don’t offer a 1-800. Hence calling their only support number would be a very costly long distance from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

May I know what is
Bat :bat: Signal Channel? It sounds serious :see_no_evil:

In any event, here is the ticket no. (2909610)

Thanks again!

From your images, it certainly does look to me like the IR filter isn’t engaging or the IR lights aren’t coming on. If the filter was stuck in the engaged position, it would show a purple\pink tint in your daylight image but that looks fine.

The color night vision with the IRNV and IRL off is really bad. What does it look like if you turn the driveway lights on?.. not that it changes anything with the bad IRNV.

Have you verified that when the IRNV is On and the IRL are On that you have four little red dots showing on the front of the cam?

Not too serious. Just a poke to the Wyze Team contacts the Community Volunteers have to ask that an unresolved CS issue be reviewed internally if it needs a nudge. Sorta like flagging it to see what’s going on. More of a CS QA feedback loop they ask us to help them with if we see anything out here in the forum. Doesn’t guarantee anything but won’t hurt if it doesn’t get resolved.

I will await your response from tomorrow’s interactions.

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Just that you’re aware, all the IR LEDs do come ON. I visually could see them all lightening up red in darkness.

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That rules out the IR lights failing as the culprit. Thanks for the confirmation.

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The third photo is with the side driveway light On.