Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

I was playing around with docker-wyze-bridge to get RTSP from my v2 cam and scrypted for HomeKit integration which has a motion detection plugin that allows for multipoint selection to create various zones. I was able to eliminate the car sitting in my driveway and also eliminate the neighbors driveways across the street by using multiple custom shaped zones, basically using many points to outline the zones of interest. Vastly better than a fixed grid. Also beta tested a blink cam and it has grids like wyze but at least it offers a finer division when zoomed in to help minimize capturing unwanted nuisance motion. No doubt wyze could do better if they were truly motivated to do so.

Very nice.

How do you handle reflected light at night into your defined zones? This provides many events on both my Wyze & Nest cams.

Wyze also needs more resources, which requires more revenue, … and so it goes…

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The cam position only saw light from head or tail lights from one driveway across the street which I was able to exclude. The street was straight so no lights hitting like if on a curved road. Cars moving along road never created a glare problem. Really never had much for issues at night. However since cam was inside looking out a window, I had to disable the ir lights so only had visible night video when the sensor light in the entry came on to illuminate the area.

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