Great AI update! My VDBv1 properly AI tagged my pet!

Wyze AI Pet tagging must be working! It properly tagged my pet Brutus!



And the name Brutus is so perfect in so many ways.

I think the AI has come to assume that basically anything that isn’t a person, or vehicle that moves and appears to be alive is a pet. For a long time there was no insect or animal tag, so everyone submitted videos of wildlife and insects as “Pet” and it will take a lot of training to fix that. Also, it might think that was a bird, which lots have as pets.

But they do training updates to the AI every single month. I have absolutely seen changes. At my previous house I had my black cat ALWAYS tagged as a person at night (every single time) on 3 cameras outside. ALWAYS (but not on any of my other cameras, just those 3 cams in particular), and I submitted TONS of events correcting this, and the submissions finally resolved it to where the AI never tagged my black cat as a person anymore. It does learn if you submit enough data for it to learn from. :slight_smile:

Still, this video is classic. I’d kind of want to be alerted to this events anyway. :rofl: