Gps navigation

I ride a 150cc scooter and its sometimes hard to find a GPS navigation system that would fit on a scooter so I think wyze should do a small GPS navigation system something along the lines of a Garmin speak which has been discontinued by Garmin it should also have an integrated camera as well as a touch screen but yet it should be small and compact … it should be called wyze nav

it should also offer features like weather speed and traffic

I love wyze and I think this is something I would love to see made and I would love to have one

Okay, I voted because it’s a reasonable product idea, but really what’s wrong with using your phone? I’ve never owned a standalone GPS. The only advantage for the standalone units is battery life, and if you leave the phone screen off and rely on audio cues it’s fine.

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…and it’s easy peasy to add a usb port to your scooter or motorbike to keep your phone charged up. The older standalone units had about the same battery life as a phone. Not sure about the newer ones.

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