Google WIFI and Wyze

May I know Wyze camera works well with google WIFI ?

Yes i does.

Wyzecam will work on any 2.4ghz wifi router. There may be a few weird instances of trouble but for the most part they work with any and all routers or router/modem combos.

V2 of the camera does NOT work with my Google Wifi, FYI.

You originally posted ~6mo ago. Did you buy any products and how do they work with Google wifi?

I currently have 4 brand new V2 cams and they all work fine with my Google wifi. The Google wifi router has both 2.4 and 5ghz and will connect at whatever the device is capable of.

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I currently have 11 Wyze v2 cams all working fine on Google Wifi.

What @GuitarMan said… I didn’t even force a 2.4GHz connection to set them up (or any of my other Wyze products).