Google Pixel 4A Wyze App issue

I have two phones using Wyze app and i have to say that app seem to have no issues on Samsung S20. App on Google Pixel 4A has some video playback problem. When i try to pick a camera to play live feed for first couple of minutes picture remains frozen, both live and recorded. You have to wait 2 minutes for the cameras to respond. This was not the case few months ago, it might have started with some wyze update.

Anyone else seeing simular problems?

Have you done a Restart on the Pixel lately? I restart my Pixel 6 Pro about every 2 weeks to keep it running fresh.

One thing you can “try” is to toggle the “Enable Hardware Decoder” switch.
If it is on, try it off, if it is off, try it on.
To find that setting, fire up the Wyze Android App.
Click Account, then App Settings, find the setting called “Enable Hardware Decoder”, and toggle it to the opposite it is set to, then try your playback on your 4a.
If it does not work, you can return it to where it was to start with, and you have not lost anything!

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