Google nest hub keeps displaying "smart home camera"

I bet you Google decided to filter out all cams except their Nest cams.<<

Possibly. But if that’s the case, I would hope Google or Wyze come out and say it.

Other brands besides Wyze still work.? Plus I’ve utilized alot of top tier Google supports valuable time. I have countless email of them following up suggesting solutions…trust me these are the types that will graciously tell you ‘we don’t support them anymore’ and move to the next issue

Can Wyze please google home functionality? It’s completely useless as of right now

It is simply ridiculous that Wyze can’t be bothered to provide some feedback on this issue.

There are numerous threads on the wyzecam subreddit about this in the past month as well. Still no response from wyze

Since my home automation is all Google based, sadly I have to halt my future investment on Wyze for now because of this issue.

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Same here


Mine does the exact same. Planned on being able to have it on to watch my baby. That plan failed

Same issue, spent an hour with Google support and the problem is not at their end. Looks like Wyze is not doing much to fix their interface! At the very least, Wyze should acknowledge they are aware of the issue and working on a fix ! Very poor professionalism…

Agreed. There is no excuse for not providing an update or some information.

New Update did not addressit :frowning:

I’ve been having the same issue.

I just contacted support via the chat, and they said they will forward it to the correct department.

I told them that the integration of my Wyze Plug works. “Hey Google, turn on the plug” … So that eliminates a lot of variables (not the wyze app or home app version, not the home hub firmware, I don’t need to power cycle anything… etc…)

So, they really have to look at the camera integration and why it doesn’t work.

Hopefully this will actually move things to another step.

We’re sorry, folks. I know that Google is looking into this one but I don’t have an update other than we continue to poke about it. We’re working from our end for a long-term stability improvement as well.


The 10-minute limit is documented by Wyze.

Yeah, my plug-in outlets, and wyze bulbs work fine via google integration. Video is hard. I hope they get it figured out.

Just dropping in to report that my pre-ordered Wyze Outdoor cam does the same thing. No video feed on the Google Home Hub. (Latest firmware installed on the base and the camera, FWIW)

Hoping that this is fixed promptly! Thanks

I received my Outdoor Cam on Tuesday and I get the same black screen on my google nest hub that others are describing. I purchased the Outdoor Cam specifically to work with my google nest hub, so I was very disappointed. On another note (and another disappointment), any idea if/when the outdoor camera will work with Cam Plus? I understand the 12 second limitation due to preserving the battery, but I would happily charge the camera every 3 months if I could get at least 30 seconds of recordings. I have yet to have an “event” that was recorded in full in just 12 seconds.

Just chiming in to say I’m seeing the same problem as everyone else. Was going to get one of the outdoor cameras but will wait until this issue is fixed. Thanks for working on this Wyze!

Also having this issue on a Wyze Cam V2.