Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Bundles worth it?

I was considering purchasing this bundle to view my cameras on this device. (live and events), but my understanding is that it does not work with all Wyze Cams in this way.

Can someone let me know if this Google Nest Hub allows viewing live video and events from V2s, V3s, WCOs & Video Doorbell Cams? Or, would I be wasting my money buying this Google Nest (2nd Gen) device for that purpose?

I need a list of the Wyze Devices this Net Hub “Controls” and what Wyze’s definition’s of “Control” is?

Perhaps this article by
needs to be updated?

As I read more articles in the forums, it appears this Google Nest Device will not display live feeds or event footage from any of my Wyze Camera’s.

So… The Google Nest is a no go for this purpose… my Echo Show Gen 3 is seriously lacking at providing this feature… WHAT device would actually show my doorbell footage in a RELIABLE MANNER, on a device in the house, anytime the doorbell button is pushed and/or it see’s motion?


On the Echo Show, you can get the Doorbell and Camera’s to show. Recently, I have been having an issue when I ask Alexa to show my Doorbell, which used to work. but here is something I posted elsewhere which you can try:

This is accomplished with 2 routines if you would like to turn it off as well (Stop Streaming):

ROUTINE 1 - Shows Camera

  • Create A Routine
  • Name: Doorbell is pressed
  • Trigger: Doorbell is pressed
  • Action: Custom Command “Alexa, Show Video Doorbell”

ROUTINE 2 - Stop Streaming

  • Create A Routine
  • Name: Doorbell is pressed - Done
  • Trigger: Doorbell is pressed
  • Action 1: Wait x Minutes
  • Action 2: Custom Command “Alexa, Go Home” or Cancel

I will need to look into the Alexa Show for the Video Doorbell again, has been a bit since I last checked. I also have a Camera overlooking my entry way. You may be able to do this with the Google Nest as well. Not sure as I don’t have one yet.

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Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I tried to set this up, and it failed. The Echo Show gen 3 acknowledges the trigger, but can’t find the camera… sigh…