Google Home/Assistant Integration

Here are the instructions (from 3/12) for Wyze beta testing with Google Assistant:

  1. Look for an email from Google with the following title:
    “Invitation to join Google Assistant Beta Group”
    Accept the invitation.
  2. If you do not already have the Google Assistant app, go to your app store to install the application and then launch it.
  3. Then go to the following link:…/wyze-…/simulatorcreate…
    and click on the link to enable the simulator.
    Note that this step is not required for everybody so if you are not presented the option then move forward.
  4. In the Google Assistant app, click on Account at the top right corner. (Photo 1)
  5. Then select the Assistant tab and go to the Home Control entry. (Photo 2)
  6. Select Devices and hit the + button at the bottom right corner to add the devices. (Photo 3)
  7. Select “[test] Wyze Home”. It should be at the top of the page. (Photo 4)
    Note: If you are not seeing “[test] Wyze Home”, then go to the Step 3 and make sure that you enable the simulator.
  8. This will bring up the Wyze authentication panel. Input your Wyze username and password to sign in. (Photo 5)
  9. Accept the permission to share the Wyze device list with Google. (Photo 6)
  10. Google will present the list of devices you have available and will allow you to assign them to a room. It’s optional and you can perform this operation by clicking on the pencil on the same row than the device on the right side.
    Once completed, push the Done button at the top right corner. (Photo 7)
  11. The setup will now be complete. Press, “GOT IT” to dismiss this screen. (Photo 8)
  12. Back out of the Add devices page by selecting the back button at the top left corner. (Photo 9)
  13. Back out of the Home control screen using the same arrow. (Photo 10)
  14. Push the voice assistant button at the bottom of the screen and provide your command.
    You can say something like, “Show <Camera Name> on <Chromecast Name>.” (Photo 11)

Known Bugs (as of 3/12, before switch to MPEG DASH):

  • We had to disable the audio part of the video to start. We are hoping to re-enable it by the end of the week but it might take longer.
  • Once in a while Google Home will say “stream is not available to ALL the cameras”. If this is happening, you need to unlink the account and relink it. We are looking into fixing that issue.
  • The latency is about 15s. We are looking to see if we can reduce it but there is no guarantee for the moment that this could be achieved.
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