Global load balancing - what was wrong with this?

thanks to the wyze team for the firmware update , it solved the problems I had connecting remotely over cellular.

but after reading the below post, i am wondering as wyze already had a globally redundant setup which was working well before, why change this? it sounds like a step backwards in redundancy.
it’s not the like the military is shopping for home consumer cameras to monitor their silos

After we launched Wyze Cam, we heard concerns from our community about traffic going outside of the United States due to the global load balancing. We then implemented “Server Restriction” to limit traffic to only US-based servers. Although we don’t think the server restriction is the root cause, it is related to this issue.
By removing the server restriction, a user should be able to view the live stream outside of their local network.

A number of users requested it for security purposes and because there have been issues with other services using servers in certain countries.

i fail to understand who needs this level of compliance (a DoD contract might specify that data cannot go outside US) , but at the same time can meet their security concerns with a home consumer camera.

look at the consequences of users asking this from Wyze, a week of downtime & disruptions, and at the end , instead of more redundancy (which equals more uptime) we have less redundancy.

I have no problem with my data going through AWS UK etc in addition to of AWS US.
Wyze was already encrypting data communications. I still fail to understand why this was not enough for users.

Every user has their reasons and with today’s media (traditional and social) failing to make these changes when pressured by users would have been a big negative. There are legitimate security concerns as well.

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Yes there were several users both on this forum and on reddit who rightly expressed concern that they were seeing traffic from these cameras headed off to China. I agree that the DoD would never allow these cameras to guard anything of any significance. We live today in an information age however where anything that is connected to the internet could potentially be exploited for criminal gain. Crime has caught up with technology and now automated tools are being utilized to attempt to bulk compromise anything on the internet. Your security camera could be hacked to view the video/audio feed which could be bad enough or it could be used as a foothold to gain access to everything inside of your computer network and direct that traffic back to the criminals. It used to be that this type of attack was complex and difficult to do but with the automated tools in use today anyone can run this type of attack from anywhere with a basic computer and internet connection. Rather than needing to pick a specific target and try to steal a large sum they can target millions of consumers en-mass to fleece.

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