Giving up on RTSP.. How do I get back my original firmware?

I have four wyze V2s and thought it would fun to dabble in capturing 24/7 footage to my computer. I’m just frustrated with the whole process and want to go back to the standard firmware.

Hopefully that will improve the quality of my cameras too, which seem to be far below high definition since I switched to the RTSP firmware.

Maybe there is a factory reset?

You should be able to just manually reflash your Firmware. Failing that, do a factory reset. The following should give you the needed info.
Factory Reset

How to Find Firmware

ManuallyFlash Firmware


You might google “Dafang hack”, that will give you very solid RTSP without the notorious unreliability of Wyze firmware. It also removes your cameras from the Wyze cloud, greatly enhancing your privacy and security. Open source > proprietary any day.

I think I’m done with the whole WiFi cam thing. I’m gonna take this more seriously and get some POE cams

Good call. All my outside cams are wired, it is just plain silly to consider a WiFi camera a “security” camera, especially Wyze cameras, given the fact that they do not support protected management frames, and with the widespread availability of deauth software for mobile phones and hardware gadgets. Google deauth watches. You can build a cheap, tiny deauth attack device with a $2 8266 chip. It staggers the imagination that people are dumb enough to rely on these things.

For $20, the Dafang hack makes them great for cheap indoor cat cameras or cams that let you monitor plants on a patio or generally monitor your home. But this delusion that they have any reasonable security application is a little scary.