Getting snapshot by HTTP?

Do any of the Wyze cams have a way of getting a snapshot via a protocol e.g. HTTP? I’d like to snag a snapshot from a Linux system via curl. Some manufacturers have this as a feature and others don’t, and I’m not sure where Wyze falls on the scale. As an example: 192.168,0,99:8888/snapshot

Nope. Don’t think so. No web server at all by default, although there are some hacking projects and firmware.

Why don’t you just view the stream and then use the print screen key? VLC can even on Linux.

You’d definitely have to query each application that can work from terminal to see if it offers something like your idea. Probably just needs starting the stream, taking a snapshot in memory, saving it to disk, exiting stream. Nothing needs to be displayed if just doing it all in memory.

What are you talking about? The poster didn’t indicate they were talking about the new CamPlus-only web viewer and they didn’t mention RTSP firmware, so there is no print screen or PC component in that case…

Edit: I see RTSP is tagged but still don’t know if they are using that firmware.

Use home assistant, you can get the cameras in home assistant without RTSP using Wyze Docker, you can get snapshots easily with home assistant to any device.

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Thanks for the ideas, everyone. Just for reference this is the v2 cam with the Wyze-supplied-but-unsupported RTSP firmware. I’ve had a few failed experiments with ffmpeg and/or avconv, but haven’t exhausted the options so there’s more to try. Interesting idea about home assistant with Docker. I’ll look into it.

I’ve just noticed that TinyCam has a dead simple snapshot feature for all cameras including Wyze. Not sure if it can be scripted but I suspect so.