Getting notifications and having camera record on its own

I recently got the Wyze Cam Pan and everything seems to be working fine except I get no notifications and my camera does not record on its own? I can go to watch the camera live and hit the record button on my own and it will record but when we’re not home and the dog walks in front of the camera and the camera sees it doesn’t record it on its own and send me a notification why is this? Do I HAVE to buy a SD card for it to work?

no, you dont HAVE to use an sd card.

What do you currently have your recording settings set as?
give this a read on how to setup your camera to record
Recording support information

generally I wouldn’t post a link to the general support articles but it sounds like there is a lot you might want to check out about the full capabilities and how to set them up for our cameras
Wyze support articles

[edit] when you are pressing the record button you are only recording what is shown on the screen right then to your phones gallery. this isn’t part of the “recording” settings for the cameras itself.