Getting home screen thumbnail to refresh

Please refresh my memory - I have 5 v2 cams and 4 refresh their thumbnails just fine, one does not. The one that does not operates just fine otherwise. Events are saving fine, the memory card recording works as it is supposed to, but the home screen in app always shows a thumb from several days ago. I am sure this was discussed here before, but I can’t remember the answer. Any help? BTW, I am using latest update for app, IOS, latest camera firmware on all 5 cams, and WiFi signal is at Max for all cams (I have a mesh network).

I would clear the cache for the app, then go into the live view of the camera for a few seconds and when you back out it SHOULD have a thumbnail from the view you just had. my only guess is that its looking at and using cached data for the thumbnail for some reason.


I’ve tried clearing cache. It is ALWAYS at zero.

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always at zero? hmmm that’s interesting. it shouldn’t be. do you have any apps like a virus protection, or speed boost or any performance apps that " make your phone performance better"?

if that’s always at zero, then that is more than likely why it is not updating, there’s nothing for that thumbnail to update from. let me know if you have any off those performance enhancement apps, those might be clearing the cache…

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Yes, always zero. Nothing happens when I try clicking on that setting. It will every once in a while update (at the option of the camera) when it feels like it. I try from both iPad and iPhone but no go. I have no special apps or settings on either device as you suggest. It’s a clean operation.

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My cache was stuck a zero for a long time. Then just started to add up again. I’m baffled