Garage Door Controller issues

Garage door controller will open door but not close it.

Is anything happening? Basically, does the Light flash and the Alarm sound indicating it is going to close?

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Yes! The alarm rings and the light flashes and then the door starts to close and then it stops.

I disconnected the safety sensor to see if that was causing the problem and it was not. Same results.

Interesting. Did you get the Camera as part of the Kit. or did you only get the Controller?

You may also want to manually close the door and go through the QR code calibration process to see if that corrects it

Got the entire kit as one. I have restarted, reinstalled and recalibrated the entire system multiple times. Still no luck. But, when I connect the two wires from the garage door opener it works every time, both open and closed. So the issue is with the controller and camera.

I just installed garage door controllers on two garage doors. One door worked as it should, the other door did the same thing yours is doing. The safety sensors were wired incorrectly on the door not working. Once I corrected the wiring, the door worked fine. I have Genie operators, which should have a green light on one sensor, and a red light on the other. The key is to have one wire from each sensor connected to each terminal on the operator (wiring diagram attached). The installer had connected both wires from each sensor to the same terminals. This did not affect the wired wall switch, Genie remotes or wireless keypad, or the Toyota wireless controllers. However Wyze did not like it. I also had the same problem with a generic wireless keypad that I tried to install last year, but I did not catch the sensor wiring problem at that time. Besides some notification issues that I am having where notifications do not differentiate the doors, I have moved one camera several times in order to allow the other remotes to work. They work for a while, and then stop until I move the camera farther away from the operator to reduce interference. You may want to try that too. Hope this helps… from another tandem cyclist in Florida.

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Welcome to the forum @jalparker. Great insight, thank you for sharing!

My door randomly opens by itself leaving my home and family unprotected. I just got off chat and they said this was a known issue and did not have a timeframe as to when it would be corrected. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! I’m glad I was home at the time and no one decided to steal everything out of my garage. If this is a known issue, why were we not warned. I’m disconnecting until they get it fixed. Chat rep was no help at all

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I have not experienced this problem, but yes, these controllers are a challenge primarily due to a lack of documentation. I have two of them on side-by-side garage doors. They are finally working the way I want them to. I get notifications when either door is opened or closed, and I have rules set up to close the doors after 10 PM, if I have left either one open. The wall switch and all of the other remotes work with the doors: Genie remotes, Toyota Homelinks (two Toyotas), and a Genie and Click-R keypad. No problems with control via the iPhone as well. It took several attempts to position the cameras and controllers such that there was no interference from the Genie operator. It also took me a while to figure out that the camera is only necessary to look for the barcode and allow you to see if the door is really open or closed, The controller is where all the programming is done. Finding the controller in the menu is a challenge. And you certainly don’t want the camera to provide garage security, or have Cam-Plus on the camera! It will drive you nuts. Turn off motion & sound detection, and use a separate camera for security. I use Blink cameras for the rest of my property, and I have a Blink in the garage, aimed at the garage doors for security. This Blink would also tell me if I should have your problem. If I have time, I will try to screen print all of my settings, that might help with documentation for new users. So for now, I am a satisfied user.

TLDR; check the terminals to see if there is a bridged connection from tightening the wires.

I was running into this issue. I have a Genie Screw Drive PRO95IC/A. It would open fine, but would not close. It would close further if the trigger duration was set longer. This pointed to the sensor beam because normal behavior when the beam is blocked, with the factory button, you can still close the door with the button held down until closing. If it does not close completely, the door will reopen as soon as the button is released. This was the same behavior with the Wyze opener. With the trigger duration set to .5 seconds, it would close for .5 seconds, then reopen. With it set to 2 seconds, it would close for 2 seconds, then reopen.

Upon inspecting the sensor beam, I noticed the red LED was flashing so I double-checked the wiring. When turning the screw to tighten the contacts for the button/Wyze controller, one of the wires was twisted and bridged terminals 2 and 3 (see photo). Terminals 1 and 2 are for the button/Wyze remote and terminals 3 and 4 are for the sensor beam. Once correcting the bridged connection, it worked perfectly.

Hopefully this helps someone.