Garage Door Controller: compatible with Amazon Key delivery?

Is the GDC compatible with Amazon Key Delivery?

In other words, will the Amazon delivery person be able to open/close the garage door to place my packages inside the garage?

Probably not since they would need the Wyze App and then you would need to share it with the individuals. But not sure 100%

I dont think this is a thing, but you could suggest it on the #wishlist, make sure to check if it exists first, and vote for your own post!


I have installed both the MyQ garage door opener AND the Wyze Garage Door opener on my garage (can open/close my garage with either). The MyQ gargage door opener is compatible with the Amazon Key program. Just thought I would mention this to others who may prefer to use Wyze’s opener but also still want to be able to use the Amazon Key program. The MyQ opener isn’t very expensive.

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I have MyQ installed and purchased the Wyze garage door controller, but haven’t installed it.

I already have a Wyze camera in my garage to record Amazon Key deliveries when made via MyQ. Not sure what benefits the Wyze garage door opener will give me besides being on the same app as my cameras and taking away Amazon Key deliveries.