Gap in live stream and no more access to recordings before and after

Last Thursday I noticed a gap between 1:21pm and 2:54pm on the event log of both cams. I played the events before and after on the following day but can longer do so…it simply pops out of the app every time I tap on those times. The rest of the day’s events are fine. Could the cameras have been unplugged and could someone else have access to the camera info too? That is, could two people have log in accounts for the same cameras?

No, but if someone has obtained your account credentials, they could log into the camera with another copy of the app on another phone.

Ok. Thanks so much

It happened again…There’s events that I cannot tap on because they simply pop me out of the app completely. Only at specific times. If another household member downloaded the app and scanned the cameras in, are you saying that they could be tampering with the footage?