Games on Wyze Band

I think it would be really cool to be able to play games on the Wyze Band. Simple games, such as tetris, or tic-tac-toe. Even if the lag was bad, it would still be fun when I am bored. Call it a bored game. Bad joke.

If Wyze could do this it would work. The band has a touch screen.

I think that it could work. The processor is the only thing that I would wonder about, However, the processor should be able to do simple games. Tetris only really has one button needed (tap to turn), so the display doesn’t have to be very accurate. Tic-Tac-Toe isn’t very time-sensitive, and if it took a second before the X or O actually appeared because the processor is too slow, you wouldn’t lose the game because of it. And just to be clear, I completely understand that “Shadow of the Tomb Raider for Wyze Band” will not be happening. Yet.

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wyze you should add simple games to wyze band like flappy bird or crossy road that would be awesome

or they could add FLAPPY BIRD or how fast you can tap the home button in 30 sec

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A breakthrough idea mod games apkrabi