Galaxy tab a

At any given time when opening the app, only 2 out of 6 cameras would show live streaming video, the other cameras came up with only a blank, white screen. The event videos would not work correctly until I swiped the screen to show the next event. I eventually discontinued my beta testing, uninstalled the beta app, installed the public release version 2.4.82 now all is working well.
If more information is required in reference to this issue please feel free to contact me.

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Did you buy the Tab A specifically for viewing Wyze cams? How is the performance? I’ve been thinking about picking up a couple more iPads but the Tab A’s pricing is so good, especially since all I would use it for is the Wyze app.

A few months ago I got a Tab A and swear there was no wyze app available for that device! I’ll have to look again when I’m home from work today… :slight_smile:

Some months ago Wyze removed tablets from being able to get the app, but it was an error, and it’s available again. I have it on my Tab S6.

I have been using the Samsung TabA for a couple of years now and I have enjoyed it tremendously. There had been a couple of updates from WYZE that had some compatibility issues but they have all since been remedied. WYZE cams perform very well.
I think you will like the TabA

Check again it s available at the playstore now