Frustrating wyze!

Still unable to share home monitoring service with my wife. Tried everything. Could get a license on a new added camera, Took all day with tech-support. Now the last 24 hours keep getting sensors off-line. Unable to reconnect a keypad. I’ve done everything and all the BS they tell you to do. Reset home Network, clear cache, log in and out. Hit reset many many times. Can’t do the motions of adding it for over three hours still no luck. Your huts are frustrating me.

Sounds like the issues your haveing is with your router/wifi unit

No it’s not. Already reset it many times. I have other items not off-line. Depending on when I logon items are off-line at different times while others are online already reset my router. Like I noted I’ve done all the usual stuff they tell us to do. I’ve done it all through last 24 hours many times. I also have blink cameras and many other items on wifi.

Still not able to share home monitoring system with my wife don’t think that has anything to do with the router. I have other wyze items so i know the system and routine. Unable to share HMS and last 24 hours things on or off.

Items Show off-line but still trigger motion.

Frustrating. Still Random off line sensors. Open, close open again and it works. One motion detector Has been detecting motion for over an hour with no one in the room. For more fun and more frustration, I tried to adding a new(Never set up yet) motion V2 and…… still will not add it to the hub. This is frustrating & Ridiculous. Last ditch effort, will have to reset & set up the entire system……