Frost quake?

A large “explosion” was heard in my neighborhood a few nights ago. Reports came in from a radius of over a mile. No one knows for certain what it was, but the leading theory is a frost quake, a sudden crack in the earth caused by thermal expansion/contraction. They’re not rare, but I couldn’t find any examples online. Lots of stories, no audio clips.

Here’s what my Wyzecam picked up. It’s not much to look at (my installation isn’t even permanent yet) but it gives a flavor of the event. In real life there was a lot of very low frequency that made it seem much “larger”. The video sounds like a gunshot, but it would have to have been a cannon to make the booming sound we all heard. (518 KB)

[Mod Note]: Added re-encoded mp4 video for proper embedded viewing in web browsers.

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Check out Dutchsinse on You Tube. He explains how pressure moves over the earth and I think it will ring bells with you. :slight_smile: Since he noticed how fracking appears to coincide with certain things, he has been getting attacked. Deffo worth a watch.

Wow! I bet that scared everyone!