Wyze Cam Video on the News!

I was just watching the news and saw the Wyze Watermark at the bottom of the Security Cam footage. I hope nobody was hurt from the explosion:

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Very cool! Not the explosion but that a Wyze cam caught it. Then the blast traveled to it and knocked it over. Bet it still works tho!

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they haven’t updated :wink:

That’s a serious explosion to knock the camera over from that distance.

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Exactly what I thought I mean how bad was that percussion to knock that camera over from that far away

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That camera’s gonna need a bigger magnet…

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The owner has been inundated with requests to show his video from various news organizations: https://twitter.com/BattleNub19/status/1220660538453172225?s=20

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Dear Lord!! :grimacing:

“…there was a leak coming from a 2,000-gallon tank of propylene.”

“Authorities urged residents who felt the blast to search around their homes for debris and body parts. Acevedo warned the public not to touch either if they do find them, but to instead call Houston police.”

This is shown on Live Rescue , season 2 episode 16, 1/27/2020