From the founders of Wyze. The Future of Wyze Is Coming Part 2

Love Wyze Cam and CamPlus BUT I will not invest in the rest of the Ecosystem until you integrate with Smartthings, Home Assistant and/or Tuya! Integration with other platforms such as ST/HA/Tuya is essential to many smarthome users especially basic user (and all other user levels)… I will heavily invest in more Wyze Ecosystem products like the door lock, doorbell, sensors, bulbs and more if I can access/use them seaminglessly with other platforms… especially ST!

P.S. Love the Video and How You Guys Have Survived and Keep Pushing Forward! Thanks for being transparent!

I was referring to DeLorean as a company here. They didn’t survive even solely focused on that vehicular product. Extracurricular stuff notwithstanding.

I was praising Wyze and telling the other guy not to get them too far off track with too many newfangled things too soon.

I just watched your 10 minute video.
Hindsight, they say, is perfect, so…
It is too bad you did not share your hard times with us while they were happening… Those of us who are, by nature, early adopters (or entrepreneurs ourselves) would have understood and would have cut you a lot more slack.
As it is (or was) your lack of aggressive customer support was impossible - for a startup - to understand.

Now it makes sense.

I look forward to really great things to come. And good customer support.


And the money comes from…

Drum roll

Jay Z

Might’ve even invested some… :upside_down_face:

Cash flow is King and Wyze took the throne. Good work Wyze in getting the funding. A good investment for the investors, no question. Congratulations! Just got my new earbuds, paired and good to go. Yay!

Homekit integration, please.

You might be interested in this #wishlist item:


Good video. I was starting to wonder what was going on. Glad I stuck it out, hope you follow through.
Been here since the beginning, helped test the pan cam and the bulbs. First cam was the v1 in 2017. Thanks for trying to improve.

When are you going to take Android support seriously? I still cannot reliably stream my cameras to Chromecast. I installed an Outdoor Cam so my wife could watch her butterfly garden/bird feeders. Attempts to stream to her TV take forever to start and if it does manage to start only lasts a few seconds. Too long have we listened to “we’re working on it.” I have a lot of your products in my house, but I’m seriously having secon thoughts about it due to the continued neglect of support for Google platforms.

Fantastic video! So, so glad Wyze was able to weather the storm. I just bought the outdoor cam. I went ahead and added Plus service after the video. If I had known about the troubles I would have bought more stuff and saved it for future gifts or something. Still, I’m evangelizing more via Twitter, Nextdoor and irl.

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I can appreciate everything Wyze had to do to get through the rough spot, and I’m very glad to see there has been an injection of funds to help out now. I just wish perhaps they were a little more transparent perhaps on the Canada shipping front. There were Moderator posts boasting big news for Canadians with great fanfare, then delays…and more delays and finally the moderators just stopped responding to forum posts in that forum altogether. There is no shame is admitting that your company is struggling through the pandemic, most of us were. Had one of the moderators come out and said straight up that Canada shipping was on pause because limited funds had to go elsewhere I think a lot of Canadians would have understood. Instead the silence perhaps turned many Canadians off and possibly wont bother to come back to the forum and check on any updates anymore.

Just my canadian two-cents worth,

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Thanks for the transparency. I would have been more forgiving of issues I ran into, had I known this is what the company was facing at the time.

In the video, they talked about an email that went out to users with the pitch deck. I never got that email…can anybody point me to where that list is?

I believe this is the video referenced

Thanks. Do you know how to get on the email list that this was sent to?

Open the Wyze App
Go to Accounts>Notifications>Push Notifications

Scroll to the Bottom and find Promotional and toggle News & Updates on

Be sure to check your Spam folder regularly if you have not gotten Wyze notifications in the past.

Got it. Thanks!

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Yeah. That’s two years old.

100% with you on this. Maybe it’s the underdog or the fact they were a totally new company with products that were really good but crazy affordable. I have all their products and several of most of them. Not trying to “one up you” but we’re super close on the number of products we each have. I recently retired from my firefighting career and would kill to be a beta tester like you. Any chance you would share your secret on how to become a tester? I don’t mean to try and take a opportunity from you, I would imagine they respect your feedback over a new guy. Gotta start and try somewhere. Thanks for even taking the time to read my reply, hope to hear from you soon and if I don’t get to test at least I have a new contact for questions if I have any problems, if your ok with that?

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