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If they are not in Wishlist of Roadmap, then no, they aren’t, lol.

And only roadmap has any immediate probability?

I noticed, starting several weeks ago, that the “tracking” option for discussion threads no longer works for me…ie, threads that I am “tracking” no longer display a new reply count on my user icon on the upper right hand corner of the webpage, nor show new activity when I click on the icon. I can keep abreast of new postings when I switch a thread to “watching” mode, but then I get the corresponding emails too, which I don’t want. Anyone else experience this?

Tracking should only notify you on your user icon in the upper-right corner if someone mentions your @name or replies to one of your posts (like I just did).

Watching will notify you on your user icon if anyone posts anything to the topic.

You can turn off emails in your preferences. User Icon > Preferences Icon (far right at top) > Preferences (on drop-down) > Emails.


I have NO idea on how to introduce a potential product description that seems to match your engineering capabilities. Feedback? doesn’t seem to fit. Forum? doesn’t seem to fit… etc.

Hey Mike, does Wishlist cover it?

Or do you want to do business with Wyze?

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Can a public Topic be created with permissions that allow two or more members to edit? Thanks!

It’s technically possible, but the required Discourse plug-in is currently a work in progress. I.e., even if our Admins allow this functionality, the forum software isn’t ready for prime-time. Stating a good use-case for shared edits might sway Admins once the plug-in is ready.

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Thanks @seapup!


If anyone is plagued with captcha’s on sign-in to this forum, I recommend trying the sound option. You only need type in one complex word that you hear (out of several) to pass muster.

The image thing is a PITA, imo.

I’m confused by the Product Fulfillment Update format. I think it goes:

% shipped

Product photo


But it APPEARS as:

Product photo


% shipped.

Which would be a more logical format. For example, the current format makes it look like 57% have shipped while shipping won’t begin until a month on. The 57% fulfillment goes with the switch (I think).

If it’s going to keep the current format, maybe draw some lines between product info sets. Like:

Just my two cents…


I have to agree with you on that one, I do not write the post and just copy it from the email, maybe I will start making some alterations so it reads better. I did pass the info up a few weeks ago.


From those of us with short attention spans, than you. :laughing:

Feature in the Firefox browser I hadn’t noticed, may be handy for some:

(the above captured with the feature and pasted directly into this Forum post)

Separately, the strikethrough tag can be useful for situations like this:


<s>set up on</s>

I have posted a new pre-order update, is this one a bit easier to read.


Oh yes! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome

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Firmware release notes missing

Lamp socket firmware changes are not published on the master firmware version history webpage. Please fix! Thank you.

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YES! Why is there no socket firmware history, just floodlight and spotlight?

This question is actually about the website. I have 2FA enabled. It works great, thank you. Where on the site (ecom or forums) can I go to get recovery codes? It’s not intuitive and I have not been able to find anything about 2FA since setting it up.


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Here is Wyze’s knowledge article on 2FA.

I believe this is the section you are looking for (At the bottom of the Knowledge Article)

Changing Two-Factor Authentication Settings

Currently, for SMS authentication, once a number has been added it can’t be changed without completely disabling the Two-Factor Authentication option from your account’s settings. Once this is done, re-enabling 2FA will walk you through adding a new Primary Number and an optional Backup Number.

For the Authenticator App version of 2FA, there is no way to retrieve your Recovery Code from within the Wyze app if you lose it. That being the case, if you ever lose your Recovery Code while still logged into the Wyze app, we recommend disabling then re-enabling 2FA to generate a new Recovery Code.


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