forum is hard to read

Please make the font size for the thread title larger and startedby smaller. thanks!

What’s wrong with it? Perfectly readable for me (on a PC).

Some browsers let you set the font size on a site by site basis. You may need to take advantage of this.

I’m on a PC too, but perusing thru all the open threads is difficult. See screenshot below.

The UI/UX can be improved, by simply increasing font size so that the title of the threads stand out more.

I do see that the “Started by” label is a larger font than the title and member name. I’m not sure why that would be that way. I’m also not sure if there are settings that can be adjusted, but I’ll flag this for the forum chief to have a look at.

Thanks, Rick and Jordan! Let me see whether it’s possible to adjust in the CSS.

I would also suggest that the starting date also be included.

Started by: MoonPops 5/16/18