Forum Edit Window Shortened?

Have you noticed that the edit window / grace period has changed? In the past I could fix typos and such within a few minutes and my post would not show a “1” revision history. Now it seems to do so pretty much immediately.

That, or I’ve suddenly aged more than expected…


Confirmed, even within one minute it is now marking revisions.

I noticed the same sometime last week. Looks like a change from the last Discourse upgrade. Shouldn’t be a problem… users can’t see your edit history. It’s just a notice that an edit occurred, by you or a moderator.


Yep, not a big deal. But it was nice to be able to handle quick typos without the edits showing. Oh well.


This is a change we made we made recently because some important edits were not being captured in the version history, making it hard for us to track changes made between mods. As @Seapup notes, it should not affect you other than seeing the little number by the pencil increase.


I know that dude…

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Well, if you are a prolific error generator like myself :joy: you edit a lot of your own posts. I believe there is a 30-edit limit per day? With the counter counting every edit, I can now do that in about 6 posts, lol.

I do create most in a word processor now, but I still edit them a lot. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit: Corrected the number of edits. So editing right away, lol.


Huh, a limit like that shouldn’t apply to moderators.

(Edit: I lump "mavens* into that same bucket. Semantics.)

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I think that particular limit applies to everyone.

Anyone notice the new option to edit that pops up along with quote when you highlight? It only gives the edit option on your own posts.


Nope, hadn’t noticed that. Seems like they scratched someone’s itch - it doesn’t strike me as a very useful feature.

I like, not only can I correct spelling and syntax errors, but I can update or add additional pictures and text.


Yep, it’s a new Discourse feature named “Fast Edit”. :+1:


But Victor you always could. This feature adds nothing new.

I’m glad it is there, Customer.