A message to (developer) who ever runs the [Mod Edit] website/app

Terrible Website and APP. Designed by [Mod Edit]. Fix the [Mod Edit] website. No captcha. Allow download videos on the website (not just the app).

And the BIG ONE: Add a [Mod Edit] filter by time on the [Mod Edit] view events page. And allow sort by [Mod Edit] time so I don’t have to scroll since 11:59 PM on what ever day.

Since you guys are lacking brain power, I am available for hire assuming a healthy bonus package

MOD NOTE: Post edited to conform to the Community Guidelines.

ALSO: another seemingly obvious thing that even a child would understand hasn’t happened - allow for fudging scrubbing of the video on the website. Like seriously who is in control of your UI and Website? Fire them. Find someone who can allow for a user to scrub the videos.